The 50 most beautiful Italian words you need to learn

Beautiful Italian wordsMost people learn the Italian language due to the beautiful Italian words found in their vocabulary.  No matter your reasons for studying Italian, one thing that we all agree on is the beautiful Italian words spoken by the people. 

In this article, we are going to look into some of the most common Italian words and what they mean.  So let’s enjoy this and hopefully get to learn Italian using a new perspective. 

We will look into these pretty Italian words and maybe, use them in the future with our new Italian friends.


There is a reason behind what people say that Italian is a romantic language. This is true in so many ways.

  • Amore mio – My love 
  • Tesoro mio – My darling or my sweetheart
  • Bella – beautiful 
  • Bello – handsome 
  • Ti amo – I love you. You should keep in mind that this word is only used to express a strong feeling of love. Mostly used between partners. 
  • Ti amo così tanto – I love you so much. The phrase so much is represented as cosi tanto.
  • Ti voglio un mondo di bene – this phrase means “I love you a lot”, plainly it means “I want a world of good for you.” It is a few notches down from the phrase Ti amo. 
  • Ti voglio bene – I love you/ I wish you well. This is best used during the early stages of a relationship, family, and friends.
  • Significhi molto per me – You mean a lot to me.

You can “esprimere il tuo amore” (express your love) in different ways to “i tuoi amici o la tua famiglia” (your friends or family). 

You can also try a little bit of flirting using pretty Italian words as you learn Italian.

Adoro il tuo sorriso, mi rende la giornata felice, which technically means I love your smile, it makes my day. 

Ho iniziato a credere nell’amore la prima volta che ti ho visto. This means I started to believe in love the first time I saw you.

If you would to make someone blush, you should consider using some of these words to describe them. 

  • attraente:  which is the word for attractive
  • seducente: seductive
  • affascinante: charming


Around the globe, there are many ways in which we can use to greet people. Here are some of the words that one may use when you learn Italian.

  • Ciao – hello; goodbye
  • Ci vediamo – see you later
  • Buongiorno – good morning
  • Per favore – please
  • Buona giornata – good day
  • Grazie – thank you
  • Grazie mille – thank you very much
  • Buona sera – good evening
  • Piacere – nice to meet you
  • Prego – you are welcome
  • Come va – how are you?
  • Buona notte – goodnight
  • Arrivederci – goodbye

For example:

Buongiorno, piacere di conoscerti. (Good morning, it is nice to meet you.)

Grazie mille. Buona giornata. (Thank you very much. Have a good day.)

Pretty Italian words


Who does love Italian cuisine when it sends your taste buds to an overdrive? Below are some of the words that are used to describe good food (buon cibo) and food names.

Questa torta è così buona! Cosa ci hai messo dentro? Which means – this pie is so good! What did you put in it?

  • Torta – pie 
  • PaniniSandwiches 
  • Dolce – dessert 
  • Gelato ice cream 
  • Pollo frittofried chicken 
  • Melaapple
  • Anguriawatermelon
  • Carne meat

Food vocabulary 

  • Squisito! – delicious or exquisite
  • Buono – good 
  • Passa il sale – pass the salt
  • Posso assaggiare – can I have a taste?
  • Buon appetito – enjoy your meal
  • Ottimo! Really good/ excellent. Used mostly when describing food. 


Ottimo! non è comune trovare una pizza così buona ; which is: really good! It is not common to find such good pizza.

Are there any other food names or phrases that you know of? Write them down on a “pezzo di carta” (piece of paper) and ask a friend who’s good at Italian to help you look at them.

Fashion/ clothes names

  • Vestito – dress 
  • Camicia – shirt 
  • Giacca – jacket 
  • Vestito da sposa – wedding dress 
  • Maglionesweater 


La donna porta un maglione rossa. Which means the woman is wearing a black sweater.

L’abito da sposa è così bello. Which means the wedding dress is so beautiful.

What are some of the other clothes wear that you know in Italian? 


  • Mamma mia – oh my gosh!
  • Felice anniversario – Happy anniversary
  • Che figo – that’s cool
  • Buon compleanno – Happy birthday

For other beautiful Italian words that may be helpful in your learning journey, feel free to discover our list of Italian slang words.

Remember the more vocabs you learn, the better you can start constructing sentences like a native. 

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Ti un mondo di bene!

, piacere di conoscerti.

 da sposa è così bello.

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