12 basic Italian hotel phrases to learn before travelling

Summer is getting closer and Italy may well be your next holiday destination, so why don’t you learn some basic Italian hotel phrases to help you interact with the locals? Learning a few Italian words and phrases will be very useful during your journey.


In Italy, most of the people who work in hotels, b&bs, restaurants, etc. speak English, but their English level is sometimes limited. For this reason, we recommend that you learn a bit of Italian in order to reduce the risk of misunderstandings.

So, have a look at our list of basic Italian hotel phrases below where you will find some phrases that you can use to ask for information regarding the hotel and the city you are visiting.

List of basic Italian hotel phrases

  • Buongiorno/Buonasera, ho prenotato una stanza a nome di…  = Good morning/Good evening, I have booked a room in the name of…
  • A che ora è la colazione? = At what time is breakfast?
  • C’è il WiFi nell’hotel? Qual è la password? = Is there WiFi in the hotel? What is the password?
  • Avete un deposito bagagli? = Do you have a left-luggage service?
  • L’aria condizionata non funziona = The air-conditioning is not working
  • La mia stanza è troppo rumorosa. Posso cambiarla? = My room is too noisy. Can I change it?
  • Ha una cartina della città? = Do you have a city map?
  • Dove posso affittare una macchina? = Where can I hire a car?
  • Dov’è la fermata degli autobus più vicina all’hotel? = Where is the nearest bus stop to the hotel?
  • Dov’è la stazione dei taxi? = Where is the taxi rank?
  • Mi può consigliare un buon ristorante? = Could you recommend me a good restaurant?
  • Dove posso cambiare i miei soldi? = Where can I exchange my money?


Apart from these basic Italian hotel phrases, there are many other Italian words and phrases that you will need to know during your stay.  For example, imagine these two situations: you are lost and need to ask for directions, or you are hungry and want to order some food in a restaurant. What would you say? If you want to discover some more useful Italian phrases for tourists, have a look at our post about Italian phrases for travel and start practicing now.

If you prefer to learn Italian with the help of a native Italian teacher, remember that we offer face-to-face Italian lessons in London as well as Italian lessons by Skype. All your lessons will be totally personalized depending on your Italian level and individual needs.

So, if you enjoyed our post regarding basic Italian hotel phrases and think that you may need a specific course to get prepared for your Italian journey, just let us know and we will send you more information about our Italian course for travellers.