B1 Italian citizenship exam to apply for Italian citizenship

The CILS B1 Italian Citizenship exam (Cils B1 Cittadinanza) is aimed to all of those who need to obtain Italian citizenship. The University for Foreigners of Siena has developed this type of test since from December 2018 it is essential to possess an official Italian degree at B1 level in order to apply for Italian citizenship.


The CILS B1 Citizenship differs from the traditional CILS UNO B1 since it cannot be used for academic or work purposes. It is only valid to obtain Italian citizenship.

If you require an official Italian certificate for academic or work reasons, consult the other sections of our website to get all the information you need about the different types of CILS exams.

Structure of the Cils B1 Citizenship exam:

Compared to the traditional CILS UNO B1 test, the CILS B1 Citizenship exam has a shorter duration and fewer tests (4 instead of 5). The tests are as follows:

  • Listening comprehension (30 minutes)
  • Reading comprehension and grammar skills (40 minutes)
  • Written production (40 minutes)
  • Oral production (10 minutes)

In order to get the certification, it is necessary to pass all parts of the exam. If the candidate does not pass any of these parts, he will have to take all the tests again.

To see some test examples, click here and if you want to get more information about the registration fee for the CILS B1 Citizenship exam contact us.

B1 Italian Citizenship test

Preparation courses for the CILS B1 Italian Citizenship exam:

Parlando Italiano is the official examination centre for the CILS exam and offers preparation courses for the CILS B1 Citizenship test throughout the year. These are fully personalized private classes that can be done both in person (in the comfort of your own home in London) and remotely (online).

All the teachers at our academy are native speakers with the proper certification and have experience in the preparation of CILS exams. With the guidance of a specialized teacher, you will be able to improve all language skills (oral production, written production, listening comprehension, reading comprehension).

We can also customize lessons. If you have already passed some parts of the test and you need to improve a particular skill or pass a certain test, we can adapt the lessons to your specific needs.

For more information about the CILS B1 Italian Citizenship exam, contact us.