Adjectives of nationality in Italian

Today we are going to show you the adjectives of nationality in Italian. Remember that Italian adjectives agree in gender (masculine/feminine) and number (singular/plural) with the nouns they modify. If you want to know more about it, you can read our post how to form adjectives in Italian.

adjectives of nationality in Italian


Below you can find a list of adjectives of nationality in Italian with their English translation.

As you can see, some adjectives of nationality end in –o when they refer to a masculine name and in –a when they refer to a feminine name, as for example the Italian adjective americano: Paul è americanoKate è americana.

On the other hand, there are other adjectives which in the singular form always end in –e, as for example the Italian adjective inglese: Marcus è ingleseEliza è inglese

And remember that adjectives of nationality are not capitalized in Italian.

  • algerino (m) / algerina (f): Algerian
  • americano (m) /americana (f): American
  • argentino (m) / argentina (f): Argentinian
  • australiano (m) / australiana (f): Australian
  • boliviano (m) / boliviana (f): Bolivian
  • brasiliano (m) / brasiliana (f): Brazilian
  • canadese (m-f): Canadian
  • cileno (m) / cilena (f): Chilean
  • cinese (m-f): Chinese
  • colombiano (m) / colombiana (f): Colombian
  • egiziano (m) / egiziana (f): Egyptian
  • finlandese (m-f): Finnish
  • francese (m-f): French
  • greco (m) / greca (f): Greek
  • inglese (m-f): English
  • irlandese (m-f): Irish
  • italiano (m) / italiana (f): Italian
  • marocchino (m) / marocchina (f): Moroccan
  • norvegese (m-f): Norwegian
  • polacco (m) / polacca (f): Polish
  • portoghese (m-f): Portuguese
  • russo (m) / russa (f): Russian
  • scozzese (m-f): Scottish
  • spagnolo (m) / spagnola (f): Spanish
  • svizzero (m) / svizzera (f): Swiss
  • tedesco (m) / tedesca (f): German
  • thailandese (m-f): Thai
  • ucraino (m) / ucraina (f): Ukrainian
  • peruviano (m) / peruviana (f): Peruvian

These are just some adjectives of nationality in Italian. If you want to know more about this topic and discover how to pronounce these Italian words, please watch the video below:

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