5 Good Reasons to Learn Italian

If you are wondering “why should I learn Italian?” or “is there something positive about studying a new language?”, our top 5 good reasons to learn Italian will help you answer to your questions. There are many reasons to start studying a new language. Lots of people in the world undertake this task every day for personal, professional or emotional purposes. So, let’s see why you should do that too!



  1. You will learn a second language.

    First of all, learning a second language is very useful because it will help you have new job opportunities, meet more people, discover a different culture, etc. Moreover, while learning a new language you exercise your brain and keep it operating.

  1. Italian is quite simple to learn.

    Many English and Italian words are very similar because of their Latin origin, so even if you have never studied Italian before, you can easily understand when your Italian teacher uses words like agricoltura, latitudine, longitudine, pirata, miracolo, etc. without looking them up in the dictionary. The Italian pronunciation is also quite simple. Discover more about the level of difficulty that English speakers can encounter when learning Italian.

  1. It is beautiful

    Italian is a beautiful and elegant language and no one can deny it. Italian talking produces sweet sounds so it is not only a way to communicate, but music to listen.


  1. You will expand your linguistic and cultural skills

    It is important to notice that when studying a language you also get to better understand the culture of its speakers. The same thing happens with the Italian culture. Once you get to know the language then you start appreciating the Italian culture itself. As a person and professional it is useful to broaden our vision by learning a new language.

  1. You will be able to use it during your Italian journeys

    If it was not in your plans before, you can now add to visit Italy to your list of things to do. And what a better way than do it while you are speaking Italian! You will enjoy your trip more and you will be able to communicate more fluently with the locals. Order your own food at the restaurant; give the address to the taxi driver; read the Italian newspapers and magazines. That is all you will be able to do if you visit Italy after studying Italian. Start practicing some Italian phrases for tourists with our videos to learn Italian.

If you have questions or doubts about how you can learn Italian easily, contact us and we will be very happy to give you more information about our Italian courses. We hope these 5 good reasons to learn Italian will help you make the decision to start your Italian lessons very soon!