20 Italian swear words with their translation

Italian swear words

Are you in the process of learning Italian? If so, there will come a point when you will be curious about the Italian swear words that they use!

Please do not read the text below if swearing offends or bothers you!

This article will discuss 20 Italian swear words that you can use when the need arises.
First and foremost, “swear words” in Italian directly translates into “parolacce”.
Learning some Italian swear words (even if you don’t plan on using them on a regular basis) can help you to understand them in conversations that you have with Italian-speaking people.

Of course, there are always situations that you will encounter where you would normally throw in a swear word in your native language and if you know a few Italian swear words, this will come in handy.

Italian swear words

Let’s take a list at some of the most common Italian curse words:

  • Fanculo / vaffanculo – fuck you! this is a very famous swear word in Italian.
  • Coglione – it means dummy. literally “testicle”.
  • Cazzata – bullshit.
  • Col cavolo! – It means: No way! literally “with the cabbage!”.
  • Stronza – bitch.
  • Cazzo – bugger! , crap!, shit! , fuck!. literally “dick”.
  • Che due palle! – It means “what the heck”. Literally “What two balls”.
  • Che due coglioni! – It means “what the fuck”.
  • Cretino — “Fool”.
  • Faccia di merda – Asshole.
  • Figlio di puttana – Son of a bith.
  • Minchia! – It means Shit. You can use it instead of ”cazzo”.
  • Leccaculo – Kiss ass.
  • Li mortacci tua! — It means “Your dishonored dead ancestors!” Be careful when you use this one. Use with caution.
  • Testa di cazzo. – It means asshole or asswipe. Literally “Head of a dick”.
  • Merda – Shit.
  • Porco cane! – For God’s sake!, literally “pig dog”.
  • Porca miseria! – Similar to the previous one. It means For God’s sake, for Goodness’ sake. lit. “pig misery”.
  • Puttana – Whore.
  • Stronzo! – It means asshole. Stronza! (female).
Italian curse words

You may recognize some of these Italian swear words used in The Sopranos, if you are a fan. These Italian bad words are used extensively in Italy and throughout the Italian-speaking world and learning them can help you to understand others better and not feel naive when conversing with someone in Italian.

Swearing is a normal part of any language and, although some folks do not swear at all, the majority of people use at least one curse word when faced with a difficult situation or something that angers them. Learning how to swear in another language can therefore be regarded as an essential skill if you want to achieve proper fluency in that language.

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